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ABSG Outdoor Warming Drawer
ABSG Outdoor Warming Drawer
Dacor ABSG Outdoor Warming Drawer Rack

AWDS24 Warming Drawer Shelf for IOWO24 Warming
AWDS24 Warming Drawer Shelf for IOWO24 Warming
Designed for use with our IOWO24 Integrated Indoor Outdoor Warming Oven this shelf in stainless steel allows for double stacking of plates You will also need it for heating up bath towels or a robe perfect after a luxurious bath or a cool dip in the...

Dacor AWDS24 Warming Drawer Shelf
Dacor AWDS24 Warming Drawer Shelf
Dacor AWDS24 Warming Drawer Shelf
AJ Madison, Your Appliance Authority

NOHANDLE No Warming Drawer Handle (Customer Provides
NOHANDLE No Warming Drawer Handle (Customer Provides
NOHANDLE No Warming Drawer Handle Customer Provides Handle

Fire Magic 33830-SW Gourmet Warming Drawer
Fire Magic 33830-SW Gourmet Warming Drawer
  • Aurora Stylish Handle and Design.
  • Provides uniform look when used with Aurora grills and accessories.
  • Plates and Cooked Food Stay at your Desired Temperature.
  • Hidden control knob allows you to select dry or moist heat.
  • Stainless Steel Construction.
  • 1 Enclosed Drawer.
  • Proudly Made In USA.
  • Brick Opening 30.5 W 20 D x 12.5 H.

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    Viking Viking VQWO4120SS Stainless Steel Warming Drawer Viking VQWO4120 42 Inch Wide Stainless Steel Warming Drawer for Outdoor Grill In
    Viking VQWO4120SS Stainless Steel Warming Drawer Viking VQWO4120 42 Inch Wide Stainless Steel Warming Drawer for Outdoor Grill In
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