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Refrigerator Door
Refrigerator Door
This charge is for removing the doors of a refrigerator during delivery

Refrigerator Filter
Refrigerator Filter
  • Refrigerator Filter.
  • Reduces sediment rust and chlorine taste and odor.
  • Helps provide healthier and tastier ice cubes and water.
  • Activated carbon cartridge.
  • Easy t

  • Midea WHS87LB1 - refrigerator - freestanding
    Midea WHS87LB1 - refrigerator - freestanding
    Midea WHS87LB1 - Refrigerator - freestanding - width: 17.5 in - depth: 20.1 in - height: 24.8 in - 2.4 cu. ft - black
    Tiger Direct

    WR60X23584 Refrigerator Evaporator Fan
    WR60X23584 Refrigerator Evaporator Fan
    WR60X23584 Refrigerator Evaporator Fan Motor

    AGHKR Refrigerator Right Hinge
    AGHKR Refrigerator Right Hinge
    Change the hinge location of your Hestan Outdoor Refrigerators with this Refrigerator Hinge Kit

    Nostalgia CRF170COKE Coca-Cola 1.7 Cu Ft Refrigerator with Freezer Compartment
    Nostalgia CRF170COKE Coca-Cola 1.7 Cu Ft Refrigerator with Freezer Compartment
    Price: $ 112.86
    Description: The Nostalgia Electrics Coca-Cola Series 1.7-Cubic Foot Mini Fridge allows you to keep your favorite foods and beverages chilled and on hand in this compact refrigerator and freezer. The refrigerator is fully assembled and includes a two-liter bottle door storage, easy-view freezer compartment, an ice cube tray and coated-wire slide-out shelf. The Coca-Cola logo and design elements will complement any room, including home offices, home theaters, dorm rooms and more! USA, LLC
    Nostalgia CRF170COKE Coca-Cola 1.7 Cu Ft Refrigerator with Freezer Compartment
    Frequently Asked Questions For Refrigerator
    Resolved Question: Refrigerator Outlet No Ground!?
    My coffee pot and my refrigerator are plugged into the same outlet and when i was making coffee before work the other day and i lost power. These 2 appliances have been plugged into the same outlet for months without any issues. I reset all of the breakers in the box because the previous owners didn't label anything and it didn't look like anything was tripped. The refrigerator was still off so i plugged a night light in and reset everything again and the light was on. I then plugged in the refrigerator and it must have tripped again. So with no more time for games I had to run an extension cord to a different outlet and go to work. When I got home i tried again and I couldn't get the night light to turn on after resetting all the breakers. I tested all the breakers and they all seem to be working. The box does need updated, but that isn't an option at this time. I thought the refrigerator is supposed to have its own 20-30 amp breaker, but after pulling out the outlet i noticed 2 black and 2 white wires without a ground. So I would guess the outlet is a part of a series and it not having a ground is a problem. I haven't noticed anything else not working so i'm really unsure about the series portion. We did have 2 outlets in the kitchen dining area that weren't working and the electrician said the wires must be in the walls and he had to run new wire to them and put them on a new breaker at my request but that was months ago. Does this sound like I would just need to replace the outlet? Can I use a gfci outlet to replace this ungrounded outlet? Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I have checked all GFCI outlets and everything is working properly. I did find an outlet on the other side of the wall from the refrigerator was also not working. The light in the eat in kitchen also isn't working. It has two circular bulbs that don't look like they are burned out, but I don't have any replacements to try either. The light switch (to the same light) is on the same wall as the 2 outlets, but I tested the switch and it has power. I find it a little odd that that both light bulbs would go out at the same time as those 2 outlets. Side note: Both outlets are ungrounded, but the switch on the wall is grounded.

    Resolved Question: What kind of refrigerator outlet i should use in the garage without water connection?
    i am not sure if I have gfci outlet in the garage but whenever i try to plug in my refrigerator to the outlet in the garage, it trips. pwer is also disconnected for all my verizon tv and phone connections.

    Resolved Question: Maytag Refrigerator is tripping GFI outlet?
    I have a Maytag MSD2454 GRW fridge that has started to give me problems. It keeps popping the GFI, but If i plug it into a non GFI outlet it does not trip the breaker. I had this problem about a year ago, and I swapped the 20 year old GFI with a new one and it remedied the problem until yesterday. Any ideas on what to do to fix the problem? The fridge operates as it should, minus tripping the GFI. As for options of where to plug it, the GFI is the only outlet that I could do this at as other non-GFI outlets are to far and would require an extension cord. I also noticed that it trips the GFI when I turn the freezer to the on position, if I turn the lever from 0 to 1, it pops it. Please help me!

    Resolved Question: Can I get away with using a 14 AWG wire to pigtail a dedicated refrigerator outlet off a 20 amp circuit?
    If I am only putting my refrigerator on an outlet that uses a 14 AWG size wire to "pigtail" to a 20 amp circuit/breaker, will there be any hazard ?

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