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Soleus AC DS1-115IP-210 115V Pint Dehumidifiers with Pump
Soleus AC DS1-115IP-210 115V Pint Dehumidifiers with Pump
  • 24-Hour timer turns on or shuts off the dehumidifier automatically
  • 3-Speed fan circulates air at speeds of low medium and high
  • 72 Cord length with NEMA 5-15 plug uses standard 115V electrical outlet
  • Automatic defrost function melts away ice from frozen coils for continuous worry-free operation
  • Automatic shut-off with bucket full indicator and alarm
  • Auto-restart automatically restarts the unit when power is restored after a power outage
  • Color: Black
  • Drain Hose Included: Yes
  • Continuous Drain Operation: Yes
  • Automatic Shutoff: Yes
  • Adjustable Humidistat: Yes
  • Voltage: 115V
  • Dimension: 24.6 H x 18.4 W x 14.5 D
  • Weight: 73 lbs

Schiele Graphics 2015 HOME CATALOG 2015 Spring & Summer Home Comfort Catalog - 10 Pack
Schiele Graphics 2015 HOME CATALOG 2015 Spring & Summer Home Comfort Catalog - 10 Pack
  • 10 Pack.
  • 2015 Spring & Summer Home Comfort Catalog.
  • An Assortment Of Air Conditioners.
  • Fans & Dehumidifiers.
  • Dimension - 11 L x 8.5 W x 0.1 H in.
  • Item Weight - 0.1 lbs.

Pentair Water FPCP-15ULS Condensate Pump
Pentair Water FPCP-15ULS Condensate Pump
  • Condensate pump.
  • Ideal for furnace or air conditioner.
  • Automatic maintenance free operation for removing condensation build up from furnaces.
  • Ice makers & dehumidifiers.
  • Safety switch provides automatic shut off.
  • Corrosion resistant construction.
  • Dimension - 10.8 x 5.8 x 5.4 in.
  • Item weight - 4 lbs.

Waxman Consumer Products Group 0798520 .25 in. x 20 ft. Vinyl Tubing
Waxman Consumer Products Group 0798520 .25 in. x 20 ft. Vinyl Tubing
  • Use on humidifiers and dehumidifiers beverage dispensers and water softeners
  • Meets FDA requirements
  • Odorless and tasteless
  • Low pressure
  • Non-toxic
  • Flexible
  • Transparent
  • 20 length
  • Carded
  • 1/4 inside diameter x 3/8 outside diameter 50 maximum PSI
  • Length: 7.5
  • Width: 7.5
  • Height: 1.8

  • Simpleair Care Llc SACF-TABS Clean Flow Tab
    Simpleair Care Llc SACF-TABS Clean Flow Tab
    • Use in condensate water
    • Help prevents maintenance problems with overflows & other water damage
    • Reduces formation of algae & mold build up
    • Biodegradable
    • Non - Toxic & non - Corrosive
    • Can be used in air conditioners dehumidifiers & refrigerators.
    • 6 pack

    Eva-Dry E-500 Mini Dehumidifier
    Eva-Dry E-500 Mini Dehumidifier
    Price: $ 35.23
    Description: Reduces allergens & eliminates odorsEliminates mold, mildew, & moisture damageSpill & mess freeAbsorbs humidity silentlyOperates without electricity or batteries
    Eva-Dry E-500 Mini Dehumidifier
    Sunpentown 65-Pint Dehumidifier ï ï¾ SD-65E
    Sunpentown 65-Pint Dehumidifier ï ï¾ SD-65E
    Price: $ 232.59
    Description: The Sunpentown 65-Pint Home Dehumidifier is a powerful and reliable addition to home convenience and comfort. This SD-65E Sunpentown Dehumidifier is Energy Star compliant and features a washable filter that allows quick and easy cleaning rather than a full-filter replacement. The Energy Star Dehumidifier also features two fan speeds, both of which offer quiet but powerful operation. The Sunpentown 65-Pint Home Dehumidifier offers added convenience with bottom-mounted casters, allowing for easy maneuverability, and a working temperature of 41 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. This model SD-65E Sunpentown Dehumidifier houses a 115 volt / 60 hertz / 6.8 amp power supply. It has a net weight of 45.2 lbs, with a gross weight of 49.6 lbs. For greater comfort and convenience, try the Sunpentown 65-Pint Home Dehumidifier for your home. USA, LLC
    Sunpentown 65-Pint Dehumidifier ï ï¾ SD-65E
    Stadler Form Albert Dehumidifier
    Stadler Form Albert Dehumidifier
    Price: $ 999.99
    Description: Dampness & humidity are no match for this high-quality dehumidifier. Featuring easy-to-use controls & an ultra-quiet performance, this humidifier is ideal for bedrooms & living rooms.
    Stadler Form Albert Dehumidifier
    Remington Accessories 19946 Model 500 Mini-Dehumidifier
    Remington Accessories 19946 Model 500 Mini-Dehumidifier
    Price: $ 22.85
    Description: Model 500 Mini-Dehumidifier Manufacture ID: 19946 Remington Accessories Model 500 Wireless Mini Dehumidifier (19946) This compact unit attracts and holds moisture through water crystal technology to protect gun safes and cabinets from excessive moisture within a 500 cubic feet enclosure. No batteries or electricity necessary. Works for up to 10 years.
    Remington Accessories 19946 Model 500 Mini-Dehumidifier
    Stack-On Wireless Rechargeable Dehumidifier
    Stack-On Wireless Rechargeable Dehumidifier
    Price: $ 17.13
    Description: This Stack-On Wireless Dehumidifier makes stocking accessories easy. This rechargeable dehumidifier can be easily placed on top of a standard-sized gun cabinet or safe for retail display. It eliminates the need for valuable retail shelf space. It can also be recharged when needed. Rest assured that your precious valuables will remain moisture free with this wireless dehumidifier in your home, office or retail location. USA, LLC
    Stack-On Wireless Rechargeable Dehumidifier
    Frequently Asked Questions For Dehumidifiers
    Resolved Question: If i turn off a dehumidifier will it still overheat the plug outlet?
    My parents have a dehumidifier and only use it during the winter time but not in the summer. I always check the dehumidifier to see if it runs okay and it does and i always check the plug outlet to see if it is overheated which is not hot by the way and i wanted to ask a few people what i should do leave it off or unplug it because i'm going away this weekend. Its one of those machines where its turn on if theres moisture in the house and then turns off but as of right now its on the off switch

    Resolved Question: Why do we have to have a 3 pronged grounded outlet, the dehumidifier says dont use adapter?
    how could it kill by touching the dehumidifier or by a fire???

    Resolved Question: How much electricity does a dehumidifier use?
    Is a dehumidifier expensive to run like an air conditioning unit?

    Resolved Question: Can i use air conditioner as a dehumidifier safely?
    Hi i want to use a portable air conditioner as a dehumidifier, my question is do i still need to use the exhaust hose? I do not need the unit to cool the room so the fact that heat is not escaping is not a problem, i just want it to take moisture from the air. I just want to check that it is not dangerous to health or anything to not have it venting the warm air outside? Thanks

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